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Paul Alexander

School Closure: A Careful Review of the Evidence

“Why have these school closures gone on for so long? What was the reason for this very flawed policy, as it surely is not based on available research data or even common sense for that matter? This is tantamount to sabotage of our children by government officials, Teachers’ unions, seemingly unskilled medical experts, and public health agencies, the latter charged with the health and well-being of our societies.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


Art Carden

Prices Help Us Bear One Another’s Burdens

“When it comes to getting supplies to where they are most urgently needed, prices are absolutely necessary. Strangers on the other side of the world might not be texting to ask if they can help us specifically, but when they confront higher prices for water, gas, and building supplies and decide to make do with a little less, they are helping us in our time of need and bearing our burdens with us.” ~ Art Carden


Robert E. Wright

Elites Gone Wild

“With an approval rating that is already abysmally low, Congress may have calculated that keeping its members alive is more important than keeping America’s democratic traditions alive. This is, after all, an age where no death can be tolerated, even if saving one person from something salient, like Covid-19, means another must die from a different, less important cause, like freezing to death.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Sean Stein Smith

Accountants Have Learned To Live With Crypto

“Accounting professionals need to learn to live and work with crypto, and standard setters need to be proactive in the creation of crypto-specific standards. Applying standards developed for the 20th century economy to 21st crypto assets is already causing issues, and should be rectified to avoid wider market disruptions.” ~ Sean Stein Smith


Alexander W. Salter

Central Banking and the Heavy Hand of the State

“The ‘need’ for a central bank is due to economists inaccurately projecting onto historical banking systems their contemporary monetary-macroeconomic paradigms, not any fatal flaw in these systems. Neither theory nor history show we need a central bank to guarantee optimal economic performance.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


Ethan Yang

Market Governance and Polycentrism

“Not only do polycentric systems of governance produce superior results for society over centralized systems, but such productive mechanisms and their benefits can be observed as institutions reflected by the market. These institutions disperse decision-making rights, provide checks on power, and create systems of order by driving cooperation from a diverse array of actors.” ~ Ethan Yang & Jack Nicastro


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