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Robert Hughes

Positive Surprise for Manufacturing

The latest Empire State Manufacturing Survey suggests the manufacturing sector may be rebounding but the outlook remains uncertain.


Nicolas Cachanosky

Dollarization in Ecuador after 20 Years

In January, Ecuador celebrated its 20th anniversary of dollarization. The Bastiat Society of Guayaquil and the Instituto  Ecuatoriano de Economia Política organized a conference to discuss the pros and cons of Ecuador’s monetary regime. International speakers participating in the discussion included Lawrence W. Reed, Manuel Hinds, and Carlos E. Gonzales. Dollarization is a sensitive subject […]


Richard M. Ebeling

Happy 90th Birthday, Professor Israel Kirzner!

Even in an era when modern medicine and technologies are adding to people’s lifetimes, along with the gains in general human economic betterment, it still stands as a notable event when someone marks their 90th birthday. On February 13th, renowned “Austrian” economist, Israel M. Kirzner, celebrated his reaching of that important milestone.   It is difficult […]


John Tamny

The Attempt to Suffocate Huawei Is Foolish and Destined to Fail

Readers of this column are familiar with this historical truth, but it’s worth repeating in light of the ongoing conservative crack-up over Chinese communications giant Huawei. For clarity on the matter, it should be stated right away that if you’re selling a desirable good, you’re selling to EVERYONE. For background on what’s blindingly basic, back […]


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