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Donald J. Boudreaux

In Respectful Disagreement with Alex Salter

“While Alex is correct to note that cross-border trade doesn’t ensure against belligerence, it almost certainly does make such belligerence more costly and, hence, less likely. We abandon such trade at our peril.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


David Waugh

Science Kardashians vs. The Great Barrington Declaration

“The ‘Science Kardashians’ behind the John Snow Memorandum used their social media influence to promote attacks on the Great Barrington Declaration. These charges were picked up by major media outlets, which contributed to the Declaration’s being painted as ‘fringe.'” ~ David Waugh & James R. Harrigan


Barry Brownstein

Worshiping Authority Leads to Tyranny: Five Lessons from North Korea

“America’s ‘soft’ crushing of inquiry is far removed from North Korea’s brutal totalitarian dystopia. Yet, lessons from North Korea are warning signs. Why would we go further down this path when North Korea is a living example of the mindset that generates such a hell?” ~ Barry Brownstein


George Leef

How Government Meddling Ruined Higher Education, Part 1

“There is no need whatsoever for government to provide, subsidize, or control education. The United States would be a far better educated country if government had kept entirely out of education. Unfortunately, it did not.” ~ George Leef


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