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George Selgin

Making Money Myths

“NQA banknote systems have existed in the past. It follows that private NQA paper currency is perfectly possible. It might still be true, of course, that private NQA digital currency isn’t possible. But if I were you, I wouldn’t take Gary Gorton’s word for it.” ~ George Selgin


Robert E. Wright


“The convoy protestors want freedom from senseless, unscientific Covid restrictions and mandates and freedom from a ruling class that ignores their own rules and treats everyday Canadians with derision and disrespect.” ~ Robert E. Wright


James L. Caton

Did Ben Bernanke Implement QE before the 2008 Financial Crisis?

“The Bernanke Fed was practicing QE much earlier than is widely thought. This early QE experiment, likely intended to stabilize short-term inflation expectations, transformed monetary policy prior to the crisis.” ~ James L. Caton


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