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Everyday Price Index
Robert Hughes

Everyday Prices Rise on Gains in Food and Communication Services

AIER’s Everyday Price Index rose 0.3 percent in January after being unchanged in December.


Joakim Book

Search Engines are Better Than Hogwarts

We live better lives today than the aristocracy and the richest of our forefathers did in the past. But in some ways, we also live better lives than the wizards and witches of J. K. Rowlings’ wonderful world.


Jeffrey Tucker

The Fed’s Confusing New Tools (Video)

Preparing for my appearance on Boom Bust this week, I found essays from the Sound Money Project to be invaluable. These economists understand the mechanics of Fed policy extremely well, and write about it in real time at Reading these essays carefully, especially those by James Caton, allowed me to speak intelligently on the […]


John Tamny

How Negativity Wrecks Relationships and Businesses

In relationships, all the good things are drowned by hostile tones, eye rolls, denials of responsibility, along with insults. The same holds true in business.


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