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John Tamny

Would You Support the Lockdowns If It Meant Losing Your Own Job?

“Belief in the corona-religion is thin, but much worse, it’s gutless. People believe as long their jobs and their businesses aren’t being destroyed. Twenty or one hundred years ago they wouldn’t have been so sanguine. Let’s never stop reminding them of this truth.” ~ John Tamny


James L. Caton

Yellen was Right, the Federal Debt “Should Keep People Awake at Night”

“If the burden of interest payments increases, will Congress make the difficult decisions required to reduce federal spending? What contingency plan do Yellen and Powell have in their back pocket if the dollar suffers a speculative attack owing to an unsound fiscal position? Yellen was right: ‘It’s the type of thing that should keep people awake at night.'” ~ James L. Caton


David Campbell

Why the UK Government Now Must, But Won’t, Abandon Lockdown

“Were it to be capable of learning from its ‘achievement,’ the Government should now self-consciously abandon the policy aimed at the entire population, the most important part of which would be to end lockdown, tiers, and all such general restrictions. But this would require the Government to acknowledge that its policy has been a mistake from the outset, and the general lack of capacity the Government has shown includes a lack of capacity to make such an acknowledgement.” ~ David Campbell


Bo Bo Nge
George Gilder

Life After Burma: The Saga of Bo Bo Nge

“When Suu Kyi won her reelection early this year in a landslide, Myanmar’s generals had had enough. They reassumed power and on February 1 dispatched five soldiers to arrest Bo Bo at his home in Myanmar’s new capital Naypyidaw. Commented a banker in Yangon, ‘It’s a circular firing squad around here.’ Free Bo Bo! Free the world economy from zero sum generalists.” ~ George Gilder


Robert Hughes

Labor Market Struggles Continue

“Initial claims fell slightly but continuing claims jumped sharply. Along with the disappointing jobs report, recent data suggest the labor market remains weak.” – Robert Hughes


Paul Alexander

Masking: A Careful Review of the Evidence

“The predominant conclusion is that face masks have a very important role in places such as hospitals, but there exists very little evidence of widespread benefit for members of the public (adults or children) as well as evidence that masking is truly an ineffectual way to manage pandemic-related spread of viral disease. Our view is that masks as they are worn now, and the masks that are in use, offer zero protection. They can be viewed as ineffective while others consider them as being better than nothing but without evidence to support that view.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors



Is the Public Interest Really In the Public’s Interest?

“The fact that something is popular doesn’t mean it is right or even beneficial. A better way forward is to simply lay out arguments in full, detailing why and how such proposals would result in the best outcomes for the most people while being prepared to own the consequences. This discussion should be accepting of contributions from all backgrounds and specializations and be open to hearing all solutions, state or market-based.” ~ AIER Staff


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