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Robert Mulligan

Understanding GDP

“GDP is a crude measure of economic performance, but it captures a tremendous amount of information in a single number. It provides a one-dimensional measure of the output of a complex and multidimensional modern exchange economy.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Donald J. Boudreaux

On Skepticism of Covid-19 Vaccines

“Vaccination against Covid is insisted upon with the same fervor that religious zealots exhibited centuries ago when insisting upon the truths of their particular dogmas. Sensible people are naturally suspicious of such dogmatism and will resist becoming its victims.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Daniel Fernández

Capital v Labor: The Great Decoupling

“The most seasoned enemies of capitalism are going to have to search for another narrative since the narrative of the Great Decoupling and the growing power of capital over labor lacks empirical and theoretical support.” ~ Daniel Fernández


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