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David Waugh

CDC Spreads Misinformation on Masking, Not Science

“The American people are being misled, and they know it. Their trust in the CDC is falling. The CDC’s actions have completely bewildered the American people. If it continues down this road, it will only erode what little credibility it has left.” ~ David Waugh & Amelia Janaskie


George Selgin

Missed it by That Much: Where the Fed’s Digital Currency Proposal Goes Wrong

“Whereas the sCBDC plan allows for numerous, entirely distinct retail digital currencies, the Fed’s iCBDC plan provides for a single digital currency only, albeit one offered at and administered by numerous private-sector firms.” ~ George Selgin


Raymond March

Covid-19’s Ratchet Effect is Becoming Endemic

“Crises end, but newly designated powers and increased budgets governments receive throughout seldom end with them. Instead, government power exhibits a ratchet effect, never diminishing to pre-crisis levels.” ~ Raymond J. March


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