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Employment report
Robert Hughes

Employment and the Participation Rate Rose in January

U.S. payrolls rose by 225,000 in January with both the unemployment rate and participation rate ticking up; however, significant risks remain.


Veronique de Rugy

The Huge Difference Between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump

I have always thought that the comparison of United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson to US president Donald Trump was unfair to Johnson. And while admittedly I am no Boris Johnson expert, I do have his speech from February 3th to prove the injustice of the comparison. In fact, the more I read the speech, […]


Joakim Book

All Hail Statistics!

Yes, statistics can deceive — think Mark Twain’s apocryphal claim about lies and damned lies — but statistics can also give nuance to our worldviews.


Gerald P. Dwyer

Federal Reserve as Risk Regulator: An Impossible Task

How big are the costs of various possible regulations applied to leveraged loans? No one knows. The balancing act of simply regulating leveraged loans requires knowledge that simply is not available to the Federal Reserve Board.


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