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Paz Gómez

New Yorkers Pick Up the Tab for Construction Pensions

Over the past 10 years, prevailing wages earned by New York public construction workers have almost doubled the rate of inflation. There is just one problem. Most of the increase didn’t go into their pockets.


American Institute for Economic Research
Jeffrey Tucker

Why the Crypto Community Needs to Support AIER

We’ve worked to counter the negative opinions of people at once-mighty institutions like the Bank for International Settlements and on. And the research you read here truly matters. AIER is not just another Medium account; it is one of the world’s most respected voices in economics. We have both the credibility and longevity.

To win this battle requires both theory and practice. The sustainability of this revolution depends on both. So please pull out those wallets and donate today. The AIER needs you. Crypto needs you. The future of freedom needs you.


Max Gulker

Pro-Trade Economists Helped Elect Trump the Protectionist

Economists tend to minimize those people who are hurt in the short run by free trade, but they’re hard to ignore as a political voting bloc.


José Niño

More Guns, Less Crime?

What makes More Guns, Less Crime special is Lott’s uncanny ability to weave economic concepts with gun policy. The power of this text lies in its ability to make any economist or casual observer of economics feel at home.


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