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Business Conditions Monthly
Robert Hughes

February 2020 Business Conditions Monthly

A decline for the AIER Leading Indicators index leaves the index at a neutral 50 for January


Robert E. Wright

Blockchain Could Have Prevented the Iowa Caucus Debacle

Iowa Democrats could have simply transferred a predetermined sum of Bitcoin to signal which candidate received their precinct’s delegates. Had they done so, the blockchain’s public ledger would have conveyed the necessary information in a transparent, easily verified way. And because the DNC would just be sending Bitcoin to itself, the process wouldn’t have cost […]


Gene Epstein

The US Attack on China Does Not Deserve Public Support

Whenever a state wages war against another state, it generally exaggerates the harm that the other state has perpetrated against it.


John Tamny

“Parasite” Is a Preposterous Film Rooted in Class-Struggle Nonsense

To be fair, movies are supposed to be escapist to some degree. And the stories, to be good, must be a little bit implausible. Fine, except that with Parasite Bong Joon-ho is thoroughly insulting the intelligence of his viewers.


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