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Robert Hughes

Purchasing Managers Suggest Solid Growth but Lingering Concerns in January

Reports from the Institute for Supply Management suggest still-solid levels of current activity with elevated levels of uncertainty regarding the future.


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Max Gulker

How A Super Bowl Ad Could Help Unravel Government Farm Subsidies

Super Bowl commercials are one of the last bastions of truly mass media – where a 30-second spot can start a national conversation. The ads from Anheuser-Busch alleging that its competitors Coors Light and Miller Lite use corn syrup while it does not just might be a moment that gets people talking about government’s role in agriculture.


Jeffrey Tucker

AIER’s Marvelous Publishing Program

The urge to censor is the tribute that government pays to the power of ideas.


Richard M. Ebeling

Debts and Deficits are Out of Control

Government spending and borrowing has been and will continue to be seriously out of control, with dire longer-run consequences if not addressed, while addressing it would be far less of a fiscal disaster than it will be if the country is left to follow its current course.


Stephen Davies

Beyond the Size of Government

People favor expansive government for different reasons and will want that government to do very different things, depending on their ultimate beliefs. Those beliefs will also typically lead them to support a government that is active in one area but not others.


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