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Jeffrey Tucker

What If We Keep Declassifying Government?

Trump’s decision to declassify this memo is a great start. Declassify more. Declassify it all. What will we discover? We will find the great myth of the modern age – that government can be neutral, public spirited, and full of non-stop integrity – completely refuted. Government is not really about service to others; it’s about using power to get your way at public expense. It sets up a tragic choice for everyone involved: use the system or get used by it. There are better ways to go about organizing society.


Fergus Hodgson

Why Unpaid Internships Make Sense

In a perfect universe, everyone would be automatically productive, and firms would have deep pockets to hire employees right away with full salaries. The reality is that taking on a new employee is costly; replacing one is even harder; time constraints are real; and competition is fierce, especially for small and medium-size firms with cash-strapped budgets.


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