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Ramon DeGennaro

Walter Williams: Common Sense, Controversial, Radical

“Williams pressed hard for individual freedom and personal accountability. We need freedom to make our own choices, for better or for worse. Sometimes, we make bad choices, which sometimes lead to bad outcomes.” ~ Ramon P. DeGennaro


Auto Sales Stage Partial Rebound Following A Two-Month Plunge
Robert Hughes

Unit Auto Sales Improved While Assemblies, Inventories, and Prices Stabilize

“Light-vehicle sales picked up in January. Component shortages are still restricting production, but assemblies, inventory, and prices may be starting to stabilize, albeit at extreme levels.” ~ Robert Hughes


Thomas L. Hogan

What Did the Fed Know in the Great Recession?

“The Fed’s poor forecasting record should make us skeptical of its ability to effectively manage the money supply in times of economic turmoil. It would be prudent to consider structural reforms that might improve FOMC’s decision-making process.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


Peter C. Earle

Putin, Ukraine, and Covid

“Russia is not, by far, the only nation for which the Covid pandemic starkly exposed a variety of limitations. But whether in volumes or a few paragraphs, history must reflect the role that one of many influences, a global pandemic, played.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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