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Alexander W. Salter

Incentive Problems with Discretionary Central Banking

“Discretionary central banking creates bad incentives. To overcome bad incentives, we must take away the discretion. The Fed, so long as it exists, should follow a rule.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


Ethan Yang

How to Navigate the Stock Market Madness

“There is nothing wrong with partaking in recent fad investing trends; some of them even seem quite promising. However, just like anything else, being prepared and knowledgeable will ensure your success is long-term and not just the prelude to disaster.” ~ Ethan Yang


Richard Salsman

Equity Performance Amid One-Party Rule in America

“If history (especially more recent history) is a guide, U.S. equity gains over the next two years of full Democratic control will be inferior, a result that is more probable given that the party is currently more anti-business, anti-profit, and anti-capitalist than at any other time since 1970.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


Joakim Book

The Only Way To Win Is Not To Play

“Ignoring one another is a peaceful way of coexisting; Not interacting is a viable solution unless we’re forced to do so through a one-size-fits-all political process. Playing the political game makes it worse, and the collapse of personal grand narratives have let politics substitute for every other desire we have.” ~ Joakim Book


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