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Jon Sanders

How Threat-Free Are Americans from Covid-19? Late January 2022 Update

“Failures of government to defeat this virus were predictable and by now are self-evident. The tools they used, however, must be taken away before they use them against us for other emergencies, real or fabricated.” ~ Jon Sanders


Barry Brownstein

Today, You Will Have an Opportunity to Make More Meaning in Your Life

“When government makes it harder for businesses to flourish, our entrepreneurial insights show the way. No one can ever force us to renounce our inner freedom. Today, like every day, we will have opportunities to make more meaning in our lives.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Gilbert Berdine

All Cause Mortality in the United States During 2021

“The existing data is not proof that the vaccines are causing deaths due to Circulatory diseases. The burden of proof, however, lies with the CDC and FDA to prove that the vaccines are not causing deaths due to spike protein.” ~ Gilbert G. Berdine


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