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Jeffrey Tucker

The Times Wants You Consumed by Fear, Isolation, and Misery

“We do not need to destroy society, lock people in their homes, tear down businesses, close schools, traumatize kids, drive people to alcoholism and drug abuse, divide society between the clean ruling class and the dirty working class, ban travel, close churches, abolish choirs, and whip up the population into a frenzied psychological meltdown in order to deal with a new strain of a respiratory virus. But tell that to the New York Times.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert E. Wright

The Attacks on Kristi Noem Have Only Just Begun

“Why would the NYT go out of its way to attack Kristi, who even it admits remains popular in South Dakota? Possibilities abound but I see no reason to reject the hypothesis that the woke newsroom staffers who seized editorial control of the paper after the Cotton op-ed affair see Kristi and the entire state as a threat to their agenda, not just on Covid, but across the board.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Paul Alexander

The Catastrophic Impact of Covid Forced Societal Lockdowns

“Why would we impose more catastrophic restrictive policies when they have not worked? We even have government leaders now enacting harder and even more draconian lockdowns after admitting that the prior ones have failed. Lockdowns are not an acceptable long-term strategy and have severely impacted populations socially, economically, psychologically, and health wise.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


Colin Lloyd

Global Productivity Growth Post-Covid – Down But By No Means Out

“The current pandemic has yet to run its course, and the social and economic impact will take much longer to work its way through. Productivity growth, in the medium term, is liable to disappoint, but deferred creative disruption – a deferral which artificially low interest rates have allowed to persist since 2008, if not earlier – could set the stage for an era of dramatic productivity growth in the decades ahead.” ~ Colin Lloyd


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