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Ethan Yang

Paternalism and Robinhood Revisited

“Robinhood and other self-directed apps like it have fundamentally disrupted the market in a good way. Many entrenched interests, be it private firms or the government, are not comfortable with this change. Hopefully, our leaders have seen firsthand the disruption that such abrupt and restrictive actions have on society.” ~ Ethan Yang


Robert Hughes

Small Decline in Consumer Sentiment Masks Big Partisan Divide

“Consumer sentiment fell in January, leaving indexes below pre-pandemic levels but above prior lows. Virus mutations and partisan rancor remain risks to the outlook.” – Robert Hughes


Nick Buffie

A Pro-UBI Talking Point Debunked

“Perhaps the robot apocalypse really will come at some point. Perhaps not. But what is clear is that it hasn’t come yet. Until it does, we should target our aid to Americans in need – not to the entire population.” ~ Nick Buffie


John Tamny

Dismiss All the Populist GameStop Hype: Short Sellers Are Heroes

“Keep this in mind as pundits make their silly arguments about GameStop’s price action signaling a shift of power away from hedge funds, and back to the little guy. Such a view isn’t true, plus it ignores the heroics of short sellers. They’re in truth price givers, and the economy couldn’t function without them.” ~ John Tamny


Robert E. Wright

The Lockdown to End All Lockdowns

“Rationally ignorant voters tired of the status quo might flock to a party credibly committed to liberty and the Constitution. A party truly committed to limited government and voluntary association does not need a problematic, charismatic leader like Trump but instead could prevail merely on the incentive-aligned reality of its commitment to the Constitution and liberty.” ~ Robert E. Wright


David S. D'Amato

No More Wartime Presidents

“Americans need a peacetime president, one who will promote public policies that respect individuals, their freely-made choices, and their property rights, allowing them to run their own lives in peace.” ~ David S. D’Amato


Peter C. Earle

No, Lockdowns Do Not Foster Creative Destruction

“When recovery from the effects of lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and other draconian measures finally comes, it will be in spite of, not with the help of––and certainly not because of––county, state, and Federal government measures.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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