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Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Begins 2022 with a Drop

“Consumer sentiment weakened again in January as consumers reacted to Covid and high prices. Some easing of supply-chain issues, policy actions by the Fed, and consumer spending decisions will all contribute to the future pace of economic activity and price pressures.” ~ Robert Hughes


Dan Eberhart

Filibuster Chatter Speaks to Problems With Policy, Not Institutions

“The answer to a stalled agenda isn’t tearing up the rule book and drawing a new one that suits you better. The answer is better policy. It’s not easy, but that’s the job Biden set out to do.” ~ Dan K. Eberhart


Garion Frankel

Bad History Leads to Bad Politics

“Any progress will be slow, but our politics arguably depend on it. The American experiment will not survive if Americans don’t understand why it happened and what makes it so unique.” ~ Garion Frankel


Raymond March

New Covid Variant – Same Government Blunders

“We know that mistakes in allocating medical goods to treat patients only make a challenging situation worse. The government has made many of these mistakes, and it doesn’t seem to be learning from them.” ~ Raymond J. March


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