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Kai Weiss

The Real Problem Is the Politicization of Everything

To regain civility in human interactions and finally treat other human beings as human beings again, we would do well to get politics out of human affairs.


Peter C. Earle

How to Recognize the Fascistic Turn

In explicitly promoting righteousness at the expense of factualness, Ocasio-Cortez is — in pursuit of socialistic ends — doing so beneath the mantle of fascism.


Chloe Anagnos

Netflix May Not Worry About the Competition, but Consumers Reap the Benefits Anyway

Netflix may have started as a modest streaming service, giving viewers the opportunity to consume entertainment that only large TV and Hollywood studios could produce. But as consumers started ditching traditional cable packages for internet streaming, Netflix became a giant in its own right, producing big entertainment for all segments of the population.


Michael Munger

The Secret History of Tamales Offers a Lesson in Humility

The history of tamales offers a powerful historical lesson about humility: most of the time, we don’t understand why rules are good, and we certainly should doubt our ability to choose reforms that will be better.


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