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Peter C. Earle

Who’s to Blame for the Rash of Short Squeezes?

“Cantillon Effects, not overzealous short selling or swarming retail traders, are the ultimate cause of the rash of explosive short squeezes in US equity markets.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Ethan Yang

A Nuanced Approach to China Part One

“Diplomacy, economic engagement, and the reserved use of military force are the core principles that define disciplined interstate relations. Throwing them out in favor of romanticized visions of conflict and glory would be playing checkers while China is playing chess.” ~ Ethan Yang


Robert Hughes

Core Capital-Goods Orders Hit A Record High in December

“Manufacturers’ new orders for durable goods rose in December, with core capital goods at a record high. The strong showing reflects the resilience of the private sector.” – Robert Hughes


Jordan Schachtel

Two Years to Stop the Spread: Some Countries will Close Borders until at least 2022

“Still, many American ‘public health experts’ have urged legislators to adopt the Australia and New Zealand rights-restricting model for ‘stopping the spread.’ Dr. Anthony Fauci, the long time government health bureaucrat, has applauded Australia and New Zealand, claiming they have ‘done quite well’ in their draconian policy response to COVID-19.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


Byron Carson

Too Many Experts, Too Little Knowledge

“The kind of information people acquire in their myriad interactions with others is often undervalued as a means of preventative behavior. As helpful as science is for understanding causal mechanisms — and it is — it should not be the only source of knowledge that informs your behavior, let alone policy.” ~ Byron B. Carson III & David Waugh


Gary Galles

Awash in Warped Words

“The malleability of language has allowed new iterations of statism to masquerade as means to the good society, because linguistic misdirection has made foolish thoughts about social organization more viable. At the same time, it has made it harder to communicate the benefits that are only achievable through liberty.” ~ Gary M. Galles


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