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Robert Hughes

Consumers Grow More Optimistic About the Outlook in January

“Consumer attitudes improved slightly in January, led by improving short-term expectations. Covid and politics remain key drivers.” – Robert Hughes



What Is the Alternative to Lockdowns? A Symposium

Preserving the normal functioning society must be the priority in order to maximize the health of the community, and not by focusing on just one pathogen but all aspects of public health.


Richard M. Ebeling

Free Labor Markets vs. Biden’s Push for Compulsory Unionism

“Joe Biden’s pro-union labor agenda, if implemented, would rob all those working for a living the liberty and latitude to do so freely and of their own choosing. They would be reduced to servants and supplicants to those controlling the unions and who possess the power to allow or prevent people from working in various walks of life, while determining the wages and conditions under which they may accept and find employment.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Daniel Mitchell

Is France Suffering from Excessive Austerity?

“Given that the United States, with its medium-sized government, does so much better than France, with its large-sized government, how can Rokhaya Diallo reconcile those numbers with her dogmatic view that society will be better off if government is even bigger?”~ Daniel J. Mitchell


Jenin Younes

The Question of Masks

“Until a substantial portion of us stand up and make clear that we will not tolerate being stripped of life, liberty, property, and dignity, our governments will continue to inflict these repressive measures.” ~ Jenin Younes


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