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Max Gulker

Bitcoin’s Largest Price Changes Coincide With Major News Events About the Cryptocurrency

While the nature of the news events does not necessarily explain the magnitude of Bitcoin’s price changes or its daily volatility, it does suggest that the market is not being driven entirely by manipulation or the behavior of small numbers of traders.


Robert Hughes

Modest Headline Masks a Strong Quarter for U.S. Economy

The initial estimate for fourth-quarter real gross domestic product (GDP) growth came in at 2.6 percent. However,
Real final sales to private domestic purchasers, a measure of private domestic demand, rose a robust 4.6 percent in the fourth quarter, well above the 2.6 percent real-GDP headline.


Sven Larson

Socialists Must Own Up to Venezuela

So long as there are those who believe in socialism, we will always run the risk that they will do to us what their ideological brethren did to Venezuela.


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