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Robert Hughes

Existing-Home Sales Remained Robust in December

“Existing-home sales rose in December as housing continues to be a bright spot for the economy.” – Robert Hughes


John Tamny

Carlsbad, CA Says No More to Lockdowns. May It Be a National Model!

“Those who are sickeningly intoxicated with power can’t incarcerate us all. As for the businesses terrorized by the political class in Carlsbad, they decided they no longer have any choice. Given the choice between going out of business and defying politicians, they chose the latter. Good for them.” ~ John Tamny


Robert E. Wright

That’s Disgusting!

“If the new administration pretends to possess a mandate to implement sweeping changes that tens of millions of Americans find disgusting, like packing SCOTUS or admitting new states, the nation may be in for another disgusting year. If it follows the conciliatory stance suggested by President Biden in his inauguration speech, however, disgusting thoughts of disunion may dissipate.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Jordan Schachtel

Zoom Privilege: How Lockdowns Made the Rich Richer

“While the Zoom and Netflix
‘work-from-home until the scary virus disappears’ crowd continues to demand further restrictions in the name of ‘stopping the spread,’ over 9 in 10 Americans continue to suffer under the weight of a destructive COVID-19 safety regime.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


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