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Existing home sales
Robert Hughes

Existing-Home Sales Rose in December But Inventory Remains Tight

Existing-home sales have recovered from a recent dip but are unlikely to move significantly higher in coming months and quarters.


Joakim Book

When Perfect Correlations Dissolve Into Dust

Statistical relations can be tenuous, and statistics can be fishy. Perhaps with time, Harvey’s yield curve relation will go the way of pedestrians and South Dakota lawyers — a near-perfect correlation dissolving into dust.


Peter C. Earle

Bitcoin Is Quantitatively Tightening

In light of the broader field of monetary policy worldwide, the upcoming Halvening will come at a particularly auspicious juncture.


Jeffrey Tucker

How Trumpism Swallowed Conservatism

In the summer of 2015, Donald Trump came to FreedomFest in Las Vegas – an event for conservatives and libertarians – as an eccentric outsider. Almost a gate crasher. People wondered why he was there. He presented his message of protectionism and immigration restrictionism, while railing against Iran and China. Only a strong leader can […]


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