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Robert Hughes

Housing Permits Were Hot in December but Rising Mortgage Rates May Cool Them Off

“Housing activity was solid in December. However, rising home prices and higher mortgage rates may be headwinds for demand while elevated commodity costs remain a challenge for homebuilder profits.” ~ Robert Hughes


Robert Mulligan

Trade-Offs in Economics

“Real-world complications highlight the limits of applying the basic idea of trade-offs in economics, but even with these complications, understanding this one basic economic principle offers powerful insights into consumer choice, economic growth, and international trade.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Max Borders

Politics is Dead. Now What?

“A revolution in entrepreneurship – subversive innovation – is the tip of the spear for societal change. Never forget that you are launching your attack from the highest moral high ground of all: consent. Your enemies will have to fight you from the low perch of compulsion.” ~ Max Borders


Llewellyn King

Echoes of the Vietnam War: Journalists Begin To Take a Stand

“You can’t give the lie the same credence as the truth or you will hide in false equivalence and fail the public. Even journalists I know who are socially and politically conservative are signing on to the idea that they must take a stand for the truth.” ~ Llewellyn King


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