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Vincent Geloso

State Capacity, Economic Growth, and Reverse Causality

The problem is that, from a research perspective, there are important reasons to keep off the state capacity bandwagon, even if doing so would be ideologically congenial.


Everyday Price Index
Robert Hughes

Everyday Price Index Unchanged in December

AIER’s Everyday Price Index was unchanged in December but is up 2.1 percent for the year, the fastest pace since October 2018.


Donald J. Boudreaux

New and Improved Economics? Don’t Believe It

The New Yorker’s January 13th, 2020, issue features a full-page ad for Richard Robb’s new book, Willful. At the top of this ad we read in large, two-color print that “Willful is a breakthrough in economics,” and near the bottom is a blurb from Nobel-laureate economist James Heckman describing this book as “a provocative and […]


William J. Luther

The Effect of Data Lags on Monetary Policy

Recognizing the existence of these lags does not imply that the Fed is incapable of reducing the depth and duration of recessions. However, it should instill a sense of humility in those of us considering what the Fed might accomplish in practice.


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