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Samuel Staley

Spielberg’s West Side Story Doubles Down on Tragedy of Prejudice

“The emphasis remains on the tragic consequences of failing to recognize and honor individuals for who they are, the soul-tearing nature of violence to resolve disputes, and the need to promote more honest and sincere dialogue to promote understanding and peace.” ~ Samuel R. Staley


Doug Bandow

Rise of the Jacobins: America’s Socialists Want Your Help

“The idea that socialism, other than various forms of voluntary communities in which people choose material privation and seek agreed equality, is the answer to anything runs against human experience.” ~ Doug Bandow


Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Rise to the Highest Level Since November

“Weekly initial claims for unemployment benefits rose to a two-month high, possibly impacted by the current surge in new Covid cases. Regardless, the labor market remains very tight.” ~ Robert Hughes


Thomas L. Hogan

Does Monetary Policy Matter?

“The Fed’s actual performance has not been ideal. Its monetary policy mistakes have had dire consequences for ordinary Americans and the US economy. Those mistakes make it clear that monetary policy matters.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


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