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Alexander W. Salter

Why Deficits Matter

“If we want to argue deficits matter more conventionally, we’ll have to do some more theoretical heavy lifting. The usual aggregate demand stories we tell don’t cut it.” ~ Alexander William Salter


John Tamny

The Very American Meaning of Roman Kaplan, Founder of Russian Samovar

“All we know is that for people of all stripes around the world, there’s an American inside many of them just bursting to flower. Roman Kaplan’s beautiful life is a reminder that we erect barriers to very American people the world over to our detriment.” ~ John Tamny


Alan Reynolds

Inflation in Oil Prices Will Soon Slow to Zero

“One thing we can confidently project about 2022 is that year-to-year measures of ‘inflation’ in prices of used cars and energy will be near zero by the third quarter, if not below zero. That is nearly a sure thing, baked-in-the cake.” ~ Alan Reynolds


Robert Hughes

AIER Leading Indicators Index Remains Neutral for a Third Consecutive Month

“The AIER Leading Indicators index held steady again in December, coming in at a neutral 50 for a third month. The result suggests continued economic expansion but with elevated risks. Shortages of labor and materials continue to sustain upward pressure on prices but there may be some early signs of easing for some of those issues.” ~ Robert Hughes


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