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Peter C. Earle

Benefits of a Balanced Public Health Strategy

“Disease mitigation policy that fails to incorporate diverse demographic, geographic, cultural, and even historical subtleties that characterize localities will see the same long tail of unintended consequences and policy failure.” ~ Peter C. Earle & Ryan M. Yonk


Donald J. Boudreaux

The Only ‘Antitrust’ Policy That’s Needed is Freedom of Entry

“Antitrust stymies the competitive process. It does so by substituting the meager knowledge and imaginations of economists, lawyers, courts, bureaucrats, and politicians for the actual, creative head-to-head competition that occurs within markets.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Jeffrey Singer

Arizona Republic Report Leaves Out Important Details and Context On Universal Licensing

“Arizona ignited a national trend in breaking down barriers to people of all backgrounds seeking to make an honest living while expanding options and choice for consumers. Universal licensing reform has bipartisan appeal.” ~ Jeffrey A. Singer


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