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Phillip W. Magness

The Soviet Economy Was Not Growing; It Was Dying

Warren Nutter’s assessment was no abstraction, but rather the result of years of close study of the relationship between state policy and industrial concentration in the United States – the subject of his dissertation at the University of Chicago.


Employment report
Robert Hughes

December Jobs Gains Disappoint, Suggest Slow Growth

A disappointing December jobs report suggests slow growth for consumer spending and the overall economy.


Art Carden

Forget Exemptions: Grant Everyone Freedom from Tariffs

Instead of granting firms exemptions from the tariffs on a case-by-case basis, let’s grant everyone an exemption and get rid of the tariffs altogether.


Edward Stringham

Stringham on Everything: Dow Stocks, Iran & the Middle East, Beer Tax, and Royal Resignation

I’m becoming a regular on this show. I hope you enjoy my commentary on various subjects.


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