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William J. Luther

Monetary Cosmopolitanism: The International Gold Standard

In many ways, we are better off than we were in the era of the international gold standard. But monetary freedom is not one of them.


Robert Hughes

Small-Business Optimism Index Posts Best Year on Record

The small-business optimism index from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) fell slightly in December but still had a record-breaking year. However, there are significant concerns regarding the tight labor market and lack of qualified applicants to fill current openings.


Jeffrey Tucker

What Has Government Done to Our Bathrooms?

The net effect of all of this has been to ruin our bathrooms. You might not realize it because the change has been slow, extending over 25 years. Only by encountering a bathroom with original fixtures from the 1940s can you perceive the full horror of what has happened. Our showers are lame, our toilets don’t work, our pipes are dirty, and everything is less sanitary. Chalk it up as yet another thing that government has ruined.


Paz Gómez

How Mexico Can Catch Up

For economic freedom, even the best Mexican states come in below the worst US states and Canadian provinces. The challenges and shortcomings are easily identifiable, and the potential for Mexico’s rise remains enormous.


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