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Robert Hughes

Payrolls Post First Drop Since April Plunge

“Payrolls posted a drop in December amid renewed restrictions on consumers and businesses that are further distorting activity and delaying full economic recovery.” – Robert Hughes


Gregory van Kipnis

Angst Over High Price-Earnings Levels Likely Misplaced

“Despite the severe disruptions and ‘creative destruction’ that occur from time to time, the returns to capital that fuel innovation and prosperity remain strong. The market is always efficient and fairly priced relative to what is known, but the market can also be above or below its long-term enduring norms for good and rational reasons. In the end the historical norms prevail.” ~ Gregory van Kipnis


Gerald P. Dwyer

The SEC, Cryptocurrencies and Securities

“What are the implications of the Ripple suit for cryptocurrencies in general? Cryptocurrencies with a framework similar to Ripple’s obviously have a problem. Decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether are far away from the situation creating problems for Ripple.” ~ Gerald P. Dwyer


Fiona Harrigan

The Playoffs Are Coming to Buffalo. Fans Don’t Want Andrew Cuomo There

“Here’s to hoping the governor will learn an important lesson: His contradictions are becoming increasingly obvious, and people are growing less tolerant of his questionable pandemic logic. Without rhyme, reason, or adherence to restrictions among the political elite, the compliance of the public will undoubtedly waver.” ~ Fiona Harrigan


Jordan Schachtel

How the White House COVID Task Force Sank the Trump Presidency

“For reasons that remain unclear, Fauci, Birx, and the gang remain on the COVID Task Force, and to this day, the White House is still delivering corona panic to states across the nation. The Task Force will live on, and to the not-so-hidden delight of its members, President Trump is president no more.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


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