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Art Carden

Three Principles for Monetary Institutions: Review of Money and the Rule of Law

“Money and the Rule of Law questions a lot of things we usually take for granted in the discussion of monetary policy, and makes the case for generality, predictability, and robustness created by strict monetary rules.” ~ Art Carden


Robert Hughes

Payrolls Recovery Remained Subdued in December

“Payrolls growth disappointed again in December. While the outlook is for continued recovery, difficulties hiring may restrain output growth, sustaining upward price pressures.” ~ Robert Hughes


Todd Myers

The Green Economy, Interethnic Conflict, Corporate Mining, and West Papua

“It is strange how President Biden and other world leaders’ desires to save the planet from global warming can be the impetus for local environmental crises that are more immediate in their consequences than the global warming on the horizon.” ~ Todd Myers


Richard Morrison

Self-Defeating Environmental Activism

“Policies should be based on a reasonable standard by which marginal preferences for environmental amenities are weighed against preferences for things like dividends, salaries, innovation, and growth.” ~ Richard Morrison


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