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James Bovard

The Charge of Treason and the Danger to Democracy

“The surest recipe for curtailing political vitriol is to reduce political power so elections will no longer be demolition derbies that doom losing sides. And if presidents and members of Congress choose to openly scorn their oaths of office and constitutional constraints on their power – well, many Americans would consider that to be treason.” ~ James Bovard


Stacey Rudin

What’s Up with the Great Reset?

“At some point, it’s not unreasonable to observe that this is no longer about public health. It’s about a new political vision, one hatched by a private few in order to rule over the many. It is unlikely to be shared by most people, thus setting up what is likely to be an epic battle in 2021.” ~ Stacey Rudin


Joakim Book

Bitcoin’s Impressive Year in Perspective

“No matter what your opinion is on bitcoin, its financial returns are no longer astronomical. Plenty of upstarts, small caps, established companies and even other cryptocurrencies posted that kind of return in the strange financial year that was 2020. Welcome back to the lower troposphere, bitcoiners ‒ or as the rest of us call it: reality.” ~ Joakim Book


Jordan Schachtel

The West Is Responsible for Its Self-Destruction

“If we want to maintain our republic, and Western society as a whole, we need to remember the principles that we stand for, and reject the dictates coming down from maniacal politicians and bureaucrats who seek to slowly chip away at our individual liberties.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


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