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Robert Hughes

Manufacturing Sector Ends Year on a Strong Note

“The ISM Manufacturing survey strengthened in December, suggesting continuing recovery from government lockdowns, though Covid-19 and labor shortages remain challenges.” – Robert Hughes


Phillip W. Magness

Should the US Have Been More like Pacific Countries?

“Those wishing to use Australia as a ‘model’ for the United States would be wise to investigate other causes besides lockdowns that explain their differences. They may also soon find that some of those causes are not only incapable of being replicated elsewhere – they also defy the same experts’ pretenses of actually controlling what they imagine they can design through a centrally planned suite of restrictive lockdowns.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Jeffrey Tucker

Catastrophe Is All Around Us

“After two weeks, there was still time to undo major parts of the damage of lockdowns. After 10 months, not so much. There will be loss of life for many years to come plus population-wide psychological, social, and economic damage. The catastrophe has not been averted. It is far worse than any of us could ever have imagined at this time last year. Our governments are the pathogens that have done this to us.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Barry Brownstein

The Monsters Are Due on Nantucket Island

“Turning on others with whom we are interdependent is a form of mental illness. The worst economic and social consequences of the pandemic will be over when we decide to wake up from our psychosis. Isolated leaders will never sound the all-clear signal. Our choice is to withdraw our belief in their madness.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Richard M. Ebeling

Carl Menger and the Sesquicentennial Founding of the Austrian School

“Carl Menger remains a towering figure, not only for the development of his variation on the ‘marginalist’ theme, but for originating a still unique and distinct and highly relevant approach to economic and social analysis that still rightly bears the name, the ‘Austrian School.'” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Ethan Yang

Finance Memes and the Collective Influence of Young Retail Investors

“Much like all other behaviors associated with young retail investors, on their own, they seem reckless but collectively they help shift results in their favor. Sometimes they are simply the right choice despite expert opinion. These trends not only demonstrate an interesting short-term market force but also the permanent introduction of new demand side forces as a result of the growing financial enfranchisement of younger investors.” ~ Ethan Yang


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