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Garion Frankel

A Master of Education or a Master of Faux Social Justice?

“While an M.Ed. may look a lot more like an M.SJW. right now, the status quo does not have to be destiny. Education departments are not offering serious classes, but grassroots efforts can help fill the void.” ~ Garion Frankel


Thomas Chatterton Williams

Encountering Thomas Sowell

“If we are lucky, this documentary and Riley’s biography will be part of the necessary and overdue work of rectifying the oversight. I suppose I owe my aunt an apology.” ~ Thomas Chatterton Williams


Robert E. Wright

A Simple New Year’s Resolution

“Let lovers of liberty resolve this New Year to turn against collectivist groupthink and return to the basic principles of economics and common sense that made America’s first 245.5 years relatively happy and prosperous.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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