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May 20, 2022
Laura Williams

Superstitious Storytellers

“Unfortunately, human progress isn’t linear. Faced with the failure of one narrative, or the hypocrisy of one storyteller, we may quickly hurry into the arms of another, which offers no more truth.” ~ Laura Williams


Eli Lehrer

Many Workers May Never Return to the Office, and That’s a Good Thing

“It seems safe to predict that the percentage of white-collar workers reporting to their workplace every day may never reach the levels of early 2020. After all, working and living in the same place is just natural.” ~ Eli Lehrer


George Leef

Let’s Cancel Student Loans – Not Forgive Them, But Cancel the Program

“Higher education in the US is bloated and dysfunctional because federal meddling turned it into a mass entitlement. Turn off the federal spigot and it will rapidly improve.” ~ George Leef


Kate Wand

Video: Who Is to Blame for Inflation?

“Is ‘Putin’s Price Hike’ real? Are supply chain disturbances the most significant source of inflation, or is there more to the story? Thomas Hogan gives us his perspective on the causes of inflation.” ~ Kate Wand


May 19, 2022
Robert Hughes

Housing Activity Shows More Signs of Deterioration

“Existing-home sales fell again in April and inventory rose, though it remains low by historical comparison. Shifting housing preferences, record-high prices, and surging mortgage rates are likely to impact activity over coming months.” ~ Robert Hughes


James Hanley

The Lesson of Joe Biden’s Disappearing Presidency

“Despite allegedly being the most powerful person in the world, Presidents frequently find that events – particularly geopolitical events – control them, rather than vice versa. Derailed presidencies may be more the norm than the exception.” ~ James E. Hanley


Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims Hit the Highest Level Since January

“Weekly initial claims continue to trend slightly higher, but the low level still suggests a very tight labor market. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, lockdowns in China, sustained elevated price increases, and a new Fed tightening cycle remain risks to the outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


John McGinnis

A Path for University Reform

“Reducing bureaucracy saves money and race and ethnicity-blind admissions ends unpopular discrimination. But as importantly, both advance rather than undermine the primary missions of the university, particularly its modeling of epistemic openness.” ~ John O. McGinnis


Chris Bateman

Red Science, Blue Science, What Science, No Science

“Our slender comprehension of the mysteries of the universe will be entirely undone by anything that prevents open debate about scientific evidence – regardless of whether this disruption emerges from partisanship or censorship.” ~ Chris Bateman


May 18, 2022
Anthony Gill

Is It Time to End the Filibuster? No!

“If Senator Warren really cares about democracy, she would do well by leaving the filibuster in place and allowing more legislative decisions to devolve to the state, county, and municipal level of government where ‘the people’ can really rule themselves.” ~ Anthony Gill


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