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June 19, 2021
Phillip W. Magness

Quacks in the Ivory Tower: How Conspiracy Theorizing Took Over Lockdown Science

“With no small irony, many of the same scientists who frequently attack skepticism of lockdowns by labeling it a ‘fringe’ and ‘unscientific’ position have not the slightest compunction about taking their own cues on the GBD from an unmistakably fringe source of their own. That source’s ramblings remain equally mired in the same brand of ‘absurd conspiraloonery’ he’s peddled on other topics for decades.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Erik Voorhees

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Systems and Hayek’s Unplanned Economy

“Pure free market money is emerging upon the world to compete from a position of zero against a Goliath establishment. If it wins, the debate is settled. With luck, but thankfully without the permission of any planner, we all get to witness Hayek’s ideal of decentralization bear out across financial markets in all of the years ahead.” ~ Erik Voorhees


June 18, 2021
Alexander W. Salter

Reining In the Fed

“We know all too well that when it comes to bureaucratic mission creep, it’s incredibly difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. That’s why we must work to right the Fed’s course starting now. Its roles in fighting recessions and preventing financial panics are too important to be hijacked by partisanship.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Randall Holcombe

Tax Havens, or Government Cartels?

“The intergovernmental competition offers one of the few avenues of escape from the oppressive coercion of government. Intergovernmental competition is one of the safeguards of liberty, and that safeguard is under attack by President Biden, Secretary Yellen, and the G-7.” ~ Randall G. Holcombe


Ethan Yang

Which Antitrust Doctrine Deserves Your Trust?

“Proper reforms should leverage more market functions, not less. In contrast, the neo-Brandeisian model will reintroduce a crippling regime of arbitrary and further unchecked state power that will surely sap the vibrancy from the American economy at a time when it is needed most.” ~ Ethan Yang


David Henderson

The Origin of SARS-CoV-2

“Based on what we know, the lab leak theory better fits the evidence. Even if this particular virus didn’t escape from a lab, government-funded bioweapon experiments are playing with fire and the next time a dangerous virus escapes, which will eventually happen, we may not be so ‘lucky’ as to escape with four million dead.” ~ Charles L. Hooper & David R. Henderson


June 17, 2021
Ethan Yang

A Conversation On Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

“Dr. Darcy W.E. Allen, a vocal proponent of innovative digital technologies and the economics of blockchain, joins Ethan Yang for another rigorous discussion about his new book ‘Unfreeze: How to Create a High Growth Economy After the Pandemic and more.'” ~ AIER


Joakim Book

Fighting Invisible Enemies

“The point of waging war against invisible enemies is that the struggle never ends. There is no armistice, no unconditional victory. No overview of the battlefield and no assessment over what more is to come. So, the war keeps going, on and on and on, with no end in sight – and indeed, nobody desires the surrender.” ~ Joakim Book


Daniel Mitchell

Pandemic Emergency Spending Riddled With Fraud

“We already knew that the coronavirus pandemic resulted in a bigger burden of government, and none of us should be surprised that we also wound up with record levels of waste. Remember, ‘more government’ is not the answer to any sensible question. At some point, we will run out of ‘other people’s money.'” ~ Daniel J. Mitchell


Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Rise While Continuing Claims Fall

“Despite the slight uptick in weekly initial claims, rising economic activity is driving a strengthening labor market and supporting a positive economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes


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