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AIER’s Bastiat Society program in Bogotá, Colombia provides a platform for scholars and policy experts to share their insights and experiences with the general business community. Our events address sound economic principles, personal freedom, and opportunities created through markets.
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David Chávez Salazar holds a B.S. in Economics and studies in capital markets and macroeconomic forecasting. He is currently studying a Master in Digital Product Modeling at Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona. He works for different companies in the private sector, in Colombia and Chile, and splits his professional life into three fields: information management, design and 3D printing, and economic consulting. He is the founder and CEO of Libertas Phyle (a think-tank) and editor-in-chief of the journal Estudios Libertarios.

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Bogotá, Colombia


Luna Chávez Salazar is the Sub-Director of the Bastiat Society of Bogotá. Luna has a long history in the world of design and the arts. She holds studies in animation and audiovisual post-production, as well as a certificate in Concept Art (Vancouver Animation School), among other complementary studies in character and set construction for comics. She has a jewelry venture (Sweet_Pills) and has done research on the relationship between art and freedom. She is the Design Editor of the journal “Estudios Libertarios” and has collaborated closely with the Bastiat Society of Bogotá since 2020.