Behavioral Research Council

Monday, January 19th, 1981

Research Reports - 1981, Issue: 03

AIER Announces the Opening of the E. C. Harwood Memorial Fund

Monday, January 5th, 1981

Research Reports - 1981, Issue: 01

The Employment Situation;
Commodities Prices

Monday, May 1st, 1978

Economic Education Bulletin

Vol. XVIII, no. 5 | May, 1978

by Col. E. C. Harwood


Thursday, January 1st, 1976

Economic Education Bulletin

Vol. XVI, no. 1 | January, 1976

by the Editorial Staff

Monday, January 1st, 1973

Useful Procedures of Inquiry


A primer on AIER's scientific method of inquiry, including Dewey and Bentley's Knowing and the Known.

Monday, October 16th, 1972

Research Reports - 10/16/1972

An address by E.C. Harwood on October 6, 1972 at the annual meeting of the members of American Institute for Economic Research.

Behavioral Research Council

Procedure for Reviving the Constitution

Statistical Indicators

Saturday, January 1st, 1972

Economic Education Bulletin

Vol. XII, no. 1 | January, 1972

Would Government Support Be a 'Booby Trap' for Behavioral Scientists?
By E. C. Harwood and Rollo Handy 

Sunday, November 1st, 1970

Reconstruction of Economics

Vol. X  No. 10 November 1970

Monday, January 1st, 1968

Table of Contents


Part I

Otto N. Larsen    Lundberg’s Encounters with Sociology and Vice Versa                   1