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AIER’s Bastiat Society program provides a platform for scholars and policy experts to share their insights and experiences with the general business community. Our events address sound economic principles, personal freedom, and opportunities created through markets.

Chapter Director

Michael J. Kurcab is the owner of Las Vegas-based audio engineering firm, Equilibrium Audio, L.L.C. and, he has been a Hospitality Technology/Business Development Professional for over 20 years. A champion of free markets, individual liberty, and personal responsibility, Michael is proud to be able to bring Nevada businesses together to promote these ideas through the Bastiat Society of Las Vegas. Michael is also acting interim Secretary of the Board. Michael holds a degree in Audio Engineering and Acoustics. In 2008, Michael began studying Economics & Business through programs offered by The Foundation of Economic Education and the College of Southern Nevada.

Board of Directors

Jeff Johns, Vice Chairman of the Board, is a Las Vegas business leader that has built a reputation as an innovator of complex systems in various industries. In his focus on hospitality technology, he has designed and delivered successful solutions for guest room automation, energy management, IPTV, networking and infrastructure. Previous to working with hotel technology, he was instrumental in designing the core systems of online real estate applications that grew to become and other platforms. He is currently the head of the Americas business unit at INTEREL, with responsibilities of launching and growing in the western hemisphere. INTEREL is based in Dubai, UAE and is a global leader in guest room automation and solutions. During his tenure, the Americas region has grown rapidly and now represents the second-largest region globally for INTEREL and an emerging player in the North American guest room systems market. Johns holds a degree in Political Economies of Industrial Societies from University of California Berkeley, with a focus on East Asian Countries and Economies.

Keith Wright, Treasurer of the Board, is currently the President and General Manager of the Ahern Hotel in Las Vegas. He has been in the Entertainment and Hospitality Industry for over 30 years, working for companies like Caesars Entertainment, Cirque du Soleil and Harrah’s Entertainment. Keith’s primary focus has been Senior Technical Management for Live Production Shows.
Keith has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Media Communications.

Jennie West is the owner of the Las Vegas-based event company, Peaceful Events and has been in business for five years. She has been a leader in the event and hospitality industry for over 15 years. As a woman business owner, she feels that the Bastiat Society of Las Vegas, that seeks to empower all individuals regardless of gender or race, is a great organization to support the endeavors of women-owned businesses and all other like-minded business owners. Jennie has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from University of Nevada Las Vegas

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Contact Information

Managing Director: Michael Kurcab
Email: [email protected]

Las Vegas, Nevada