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AIER’s Bastiat Society program provides a platform for scholars and policy experts to share their insights and experiences with the general business community. Our events address sound economic principles, personal freedom, and opportunities created through markets.

Chapter Director

Sebe Mara has a diploma in Computer Science from the
American Cyber Web System Institute Fatima Sourmare of Guinea and a Certificate from the Community Leadership
Academy. In 2019, he participated at the High Impact Leadership / Managerial Skill development training program through the Administrative Staff College of India. He is a founding member of the N’ko Cooperative on Entrepreneurship. He has worked as Central Secretary for several Nko writing system institutions for the
promotion of the African Languages and Cultures, including the Nko Academy and the Central Network of Nko Alphabet.

Sebe is Co-founder of the Benkadi bookstore, founded in 2015. He also founded the Djalaman Benkadi sarlu Society in 2019 through which he publishes books in Nko. As a businessman and active member of the civil society, he always contributes to building a bridge between the community and entrepreneurship for a better future for all.

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Managing Director: Sebe Mara
Email: [email protected]

Conakry, Guinea