Who Pays the Tariffs (Video of Ed Stringham on Cheddar)

By Edward Peter Stringham

Is Trump engaged in a high-stakes game to bring about freer trade with China, or just looking for a way to justify the tariffs that he claims have revived American manufacturing?

Another question: just who is paying these tariffs?

I addressed both on an appearance on Cheddar ahead of the G-20 Summit. 

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Edward Peter Stringham

Edward Peter Stringham is President of the American Institute for Economic Research,  Davis Professor of Economic Organizations and Innovation at Trinity College, and editor of the Journal of Private Enterprise. He is editor of two books and author of more than seventy journal articles, book chapters, and policy studies. His work has been discussed in 15 of the top 20 newspapers in the United States and on more than 100 broadcast stations including MTV. Stringham is a frequent guest on BBC World, Bloomberg Television, CNBC, and Fox, and Rise Global ranks Stringham as one of the top 100 most influential economists in the world.

He earned his B.A. from College of the Holy Cross in 1997, his Ph.D. from George Mason University in 2002 , and first published with the American Institute for Economic Research in 2003. His book, Private Governance: Creating Order in Economic and Social Life, is published by Oxford University Press