July 4, 2020 Reading Time: < 1 minute

Peter R. Quinones interviewed me on his podcast on the topic: the origin of the lockdown idea. This was the basis of my speech at Porcfest which was not recorded at my request. This is more-or-less a 50 minute version done in an interview format. Listening after, I hear that I made a mistake. The New York Times did not predict 5.25 million deaths from Covid. Instead, they predicted 8.25 millions deaths or “six of your friends.”

In any case, I cover some of what I’ve written about in the last months, including The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Idea, Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic, and The 2007 Origins of Forced School Closings and Mandatory Human Separation, among 50 or so other pieces.

Here is the audio and below it you will find the youtube version.

Jeffrey A. Tucker

Jeffrey A. Tucker served as Editorial Director for the American Institute for Economic Research from 2017 to 2021.

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