A Week of Travels

By Tom Duncan
The past week has been a busy one for Atlas and the Sound Money project. Since last Thursday, we have traveled from D.C. to Philadelphia to Las Vegas. It has been a hectic, but rewarding journey. The Sound Money project has been gaining support at each of its stops. We would like to thank all of those who attended the Teach Freedom Initiative conference in Philadelphia. The speakers were excellent, and the discussions worthwhile. The presentations from the conference should appear on the Sound Money website in due time. I highly recommend listening to them once they do. We would also like to thank those who came to Atlas’s panel at the APEE conference in Las Vegas. There were a large number of sessions taking place, all with equally interesting topics and great presenters. For those who gave up their time to listen to the Sound Money speakers, we hope that you enjoyed the presentations as much as we did. Leonard Liggio, Edward Stringham, Gerald O’Driscoll, Anthony Randazzo, Marius Gustavson and Alex Chafuen are all excellent speakers and scholars in the field. Their efforts to increase awareness and interest in the issues of sound money were fantastic, with each member of the panel coming from a different background and perspective. Though the week is ending, the Sound Money project is not. On Monday we will hear from Larry White as he speaks on the issue of sound money at George Mason University. If you missed our conferences on the road, be sure to attend. It should be an exciting time. Tom Duncan Sound Money Fellow Atlas Economic Research Foundation

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