"Time to Take Inflation Seriously" - Seeking Alpha

By Tom Duncan
"While the world has focused on fuel rods in Japan and fighter jets in Libya, issues that are ultimately much more significant for investors have gone largely ignored. For example, the Producer Price Index for February registered a 5.6% Year-Over-Year increase. That was the figure in the headlines, at least. The reality is much worse. The month-over-month PPI increase was a staggering 1.6%, which translates to a 19.2% annualized run-rate. Economists will caution that the PPI is volatile and should not be viewed a month at a time. So let’s look at the longer term PPI trend." Read more"Time to Take Inflation Seriously"  Jens Heycke  Seeking Alpha, March 20, 2011. Image by Filomena Scalise / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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