– February 26, 2014

Another brilliant piece by Judy Shelton: “As Ukrainians mourn their dead and vow to prosecute their recently deposed leader, the valor of those who died must now inspire others to build a new Ukraine worthy of their struggle and sacrifice. Democracy and a better future must be secured in pragmatic terms. Economic benefits must begin to flow in tandem with Ukraine’s nascent commitment to genuine self-government and responsibility.”

Sound money is an essential component of the economic system of a free society, “The most expedient way to establish a sound-money foundation—in keeping with Ukrainian aspirations for an independent nation capable of succeeding in the global economy—would be to initiate a currency board.”  To read her piece in the WSJ check:


A Currency Board for Ukraine

If the hryvnia succumbs to panic and meltdown, the opening for freedom may be squandered.



Alex Chafuen

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