– December 29, 2017

Early this year, I started regularly blogging for the first time in my career. It’s been a tremendous learning experience, and I’m grateful to have this forum—thank you to all who have taken the time to read and comment! I appreciate the support of everyone here at AIER, especially our President Ed Stringham for both direction and the trust to pursue it, and my editor Harry David, who makes my work better every time.

If you’ll indulge me, check out my ten favorite Daily Economy posts I wrote this year. I’ll see you in 2018.

10.  Could Knowing More People Change the World?, November 20

9.  Bitcoin Must Centralize, But Where?, November 2

8.  1.8 Trillion Reasons Why Banning Cash Will Never Work, August 28

7.  Laissez-faire Beats Central Planning When Boarding an Airplane, March 31

6.  We Don’t Need to Put Everything on a Blockchain, September 27

5.  Privately Progressive, April 11

4.  Let’s Stop Calling It the “Sharing Economy”, September 8

3.  An Open Letter to Joseph Stiglitz on Bitcoin, November 30

2.  Over Half of Millennials Identify as Socialist. Here’s How to Change Their Minds, December 15

1.  Health Care Reform and Hard Choices, September 29



Max Gulker

Max Gulker is an economist and writer who joined AIER in 2015. His research focuses on two main areas: policy and technology. On the policy side, Gulker looks at how issues like poverty and access to education can be addressed with voluntary, decentralized approaches that don’t interfere with free markets. On technology, Gulker is interested in emerging fields like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, competitive issues raised by tech giants such as Facebook and Google, and the sharing economy. Gulker frequently appears at conferences, on podcasts, and on television. Gulker holds a PhD in economics from Stanford University and a BA in economics from the University of Michigan. Prior to AIER, Max spent time in the private sector, consulting with large technology and financial firms on antitrust and other litigation. Follow @maxgAIER.
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