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Arguments Against Markets

“Those of us who want to keep government small and strictly limited — and, hence, who want individuals to make whatever peaceful choices they wish — are far outnumbered by individuals who distrust markets to deliver enough of the goods to enough of the people.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux

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Schedule F vs. Reality 

“Reforming the administrative state and rewriting statutes and regulations is hard work, requiring careful policymaking, talented people, and consensus-building. It’s not the product of gimmicks like Schedule F and databases of inexperienced people.” ~Thomas A. Firey

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Want Better Higher Ed? Get the Feds Out 

“Market-like responses to dissatisfaction with schools are heavily muted by subsidies. The Biden administration is working for wide cancellation of student debt, which would squelch even these limited market forces.” ~Neal McCluskey

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