April 17, 2015 Reading Time: < 1 minute

Older workers aren’t just finding new jobs – they are finding new career paths, and with them, happiness and less stress, according to AIER’s new report, “New Careers for Older Workers.” The report, released this week, was featured by Donna Rosato in Money Magazine on Thursday.

The respondents to the report made some surprising observations, including that 59 percent said they completely or mostly agreed with the idea they could “finally carry out my passion in my new career.”

Seventy-two percent answered that “Emotionally, I feel like a new person since switching careers.” Sixty-five percent said “My stress level has decreased since changing careers.”

According to the report: “Americans are living longer; as a result, a growing number of them are deciding to work longer, either out of economic necessity, or simply because they want a change. Many of those delaying retirement are coming up with innovative ways to earn an income, including a later-in-life career change. Such career changes help these individuals achieve their economic goals, and many report being happy in the change.”

To see the report, click here.

Aaron Nathans

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